I absolutely LOVE my job….My photography style is effortless, intimate and loads of fun. I believe in capturing amazing photos, but above all I'm in it for an unforgettable experience.


When my clients look at the beautiful picture hanging on their wall, I want them to remember the incredibly fun time they had taking that picture!


I will do pretty much anything for a laugh, I thoroughly enjoy getting to know the couples I have the joy and privilege to photograph, and I am beyond excited to capture the love that is bursting out of every couple!

the down low on ME.

Christ is my steady rock.

I'm Harry Potter obsessed, I mean how Snape is obsessed with Lily.

I try to be cool, but it never totally works out so I am forever a dork and I'm embracing that.

I dig the smell of coffee, not the taste though!

I have two kids who keep me on my toes-- they are incredibly awesome.

My husband is HOT and we enjoy watching wheel of fortune and playing phase ten together, basically we are 80 years old

I wear flannels year round-- who doesn't love a good flannel shirt?!

I love me some leggings (hello comfort!).

I cry at EVERY wedding.

I wanna be a chef, but I can’t cook-- let's just say I can mess up break and bake cookies.

I dance ALL the time.

In my own little world I live in a musical.