New Year and A Big Change!

January 1, 2017




Welcome! If this is your first time to this blog, I am so excited that you are here and what a great time to check it out!  If this isn’t your first time, then welcome back and thank you for journeying with me! I want to personally wish you a Happy New Year! The New Year means a fresh start in so many ways and I couldn’t be more excited to share some new things with YOU


Four years ago I started this business with the hopes that I could meet some amazing people and take some darn good pictures! Let's just say that this business journey has been a whirlwind! You see in 4 short years I have met so many beautiful people, have been able to capture their memories through photos, and have witnessed 55 gorgeous weddings--can I get an amen?! All I had was a dream and you all have made that dream a reality for me--Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart....seriously.


I started this business under a name that meant (and still means) SO much to me. Always In My Arms Photography, was personal to my husband and I’s love story, and my hope was that it would help translate to the telling of others' love stories. It has succeeded at that but with a New Year comes new change! 





Always In My Arms Photography will now be under the name of Jenee Mack Photography! It has been a crazy and fun 6 months of talking about the business, drawing up plans, sleepless nights, and working hard with my business partner (my husband)--and after all of that we are excited to make some changes! 


Why am I doing this? I personally felt like I have been hiding behind a name and not owning my art that I was putting out there! Everyone has a story and my goal in this photography business is telling those stories, but I was not sharing my own story. So that is what I am going to start doing.....Telling my story of how I have the best job in the world and about all the incredible people I get the chance to meet! 


Always In My Arms will be forever in my heart, I mean heck I have it tattooed on me! Even though that chapter is ending a brand new one is beginning! I cannot wait to continue to share the greatest love stories as Jenee Mack Photography! Since you all made inspired this change and supported my small business I have decided to make 2017 a year of giving! Because who doesn't love giveaways! So check back here for announcements for monthly giveaways and give these beautiful people some love


Happy New Year and enjoy making new goals and dreams for yourself! 





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