Mr + Mrs Stricklin

January 6, 2017

Tonight has probably been one of the hardest nights of my business, because I had to narrow down some breathtaking images to show you this blog. I am sorry (not sorry) for the crazy amount of images in this couples story, but seriously I am still drooling over this wedding and I know you will be right there with me! Seriously enjoy this couples beautiful wedding day!


What was your favorite moment of the day?
Melissa: The entire ceremony from walking down the aisle to being announced as Mr. and Mrs!
Kody: Watching my soon to be wife walk down the aisle.


What was the funniest moment of the day?

Melissa: Well, my MOH accidentally locked her keys and dress in her car the night before/day of the wedding, and instead of stressing we called a two truck and laughed about it!
Kody: One of the bridesmaids almost lit me on fire during our sparkler pictures!


Any advice for future couples?
Melissa: Don’t stress, have fun and try to be in the moment and enjoy the day. After all was said and done I didn’t even have any pictures on my phone of the day. It was such a relief to have others worry about things like that!
Kody: Just be in the moment and if something goes wrong, let someone else figure it out! You don’t need to worry there are plenty of people to jump in and help!















































Thank you Kody and Melissa, your wedding will go down in my history books! Have fun in your happily ever after!




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