A Berra Birth Story

March 29, 2017

Guys when I decided that I wanted to start doing birth stories, I first felt excited that I get to experience miracle after miracle, but I was also extremely humbled. Not only do I get to see a miracle happen, but I also get to know a couples story and a family come to life. SO instead of me trying to explain these birth stories, I have decided to let the parents tell their story to YOU! So below is the beautiful and amazing story of Blake Berra.


Psalm 106: 1-2 & 8 

" Praise the Lord! Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. Who can utter the mighty deeds of the Lord....yet He saved them for his names sake, that he might make known his mighty power"


(a letter to Blake for his mom and dad)


The knowledge of your existence brought overwhelming joy to me and your dad. Both of us had thought about you for so long. Being parents is something God placed on our hearts far before we had even met. So knowing you were coming was an answered prayer and another moment God showed His faithfulness to us.


From the beginning your life has been nothing short of a miracle we loved you the second we found out we were pregnant shortly after finding out this beautiful news we were told something terrifying. We were told your spine had not fully developed. We were told you would not walk and possibly not be able to talk or feed yourself. This information consumed your dad and I with fear for what your life would look like. In the midst of all this God was writing a more beautiful story than we could ever imagine your dad and I promised to love you with all we had and with the love and grace God has shown us. The weeks following this devastating news were hard. But Blake, the God of this universe is so faithful. He brought a cloud of witnesses around us to pray for you and your healing. He changed our hearts from praying out of our circumstances to praying out of truth adn belief that he is the almighty healer.


Three weeks after that ultrasound where they told us of your development we went back in. The moment your image appeared on the screen you were kicking and moving all over! Your dad and I just looked at each other and held hands so tightly. That day three people performed ultrasounds on you. They were in disbelief of what they saw. God had healed you! We prayed in that office praising God for what He had done our God is the great physician and he showed so much mercy upon us and you in that moment. Ever ultrasound since has been beautiful and healthy each doctor tells us they don't' know what was seen initially and that they can't explain it. But we don't ever need an explanation, God healed our son and for that we are forever grateful. We love you Blake Berra.


The night before your birth we walked into your room and we were consumed with emotion. For months we had prepared for your arrival and now it was almost here. Reliving the reality of the last nine months brought so many tears, some of joy and some of fear for what "could" happen. The next morning we got the call at 6:45 am to come in for my induction. Before walking into the hospital we prayed for peace and continued grace over the arrival of you.


We were met in our delivery room by the OBGYN who had so much enthusiasm that today would be the day we would meet you! This welcoming made us feel so comforted and cared for. My pitocin was started at 10 am and then my water was broken at 2 pm. While I labored my wonderful husband, parents and best friend sat by my side. After a few hours I was told it was time to start pushing. As nurses prepared the room my anxiety began to increase knowing the moment I'd been waiting so long for was finally here. I was overwhelmed with emotion as my sweet friend and photographer prayed over our new family. God has already written the beginning and end of this story and he was asking us to rest in that. After 30 minutes of pushing we saw YOUR beautiful face. The face we had dreamt of for months. As I held our son I ran my hand down your spine reassured of Gods healing power. You were perfect in every way. I have never experienced the love felt in the exact moment you came into the world. I can only imagine it's just a glimpse of Gods immense love for us.





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