A Kennedy Wedding

May 2, 2017

Stop! If you like jaguars, penguins, sea lions, armadillos, owls, goats and carousals then you should look at this wedding! I love to get to know my brides and grooms with questions about their life, it helps me specialize their wedding day according to them! So when talking to Marc and Alicia I asked what they do in life. Marc answered me by saying that he is going to tell me first because Alicia's job is pretty crazy! So I was intrigued. Alicia studies Jaguars...thats right you read that correct FLIPPING JAGUARS! I mean I say I study jaguars but I just look at them from behind the cage at the zoo, but Alicia she goes to Belize and is the WILD with jaguars! Crazy right, but stinking insanely awesome!  So when they told me their WHOLE wedding was going to be at the zoo I fell in love instantly and I knew I just absolutely had to be at their wedding!


The awesomeness didn't stop there! The entire day I felt like I was just hanging out with my best friends and it was one of the most relaxed and fun weddings I have ever been apart of...seriously I am still actively talking about this wedding with my friends!! With out further ado here is this awesome wedding! Enjoy and at the end here about their day from Marc and Alicia!





























































From The Bride and The Groom:

Advice for future couples?

-Alicia: Remember not to stress about the insignificant things. Today is a beautiful day and even if something oges wrong it's still going to turn out amazing because as the end of the day your marrying your best friend and that is what the day is all about!

-Marc: Enjoy the day. Next to her, this day is YOURS, and it is going to go by super fast. Make it a point to walk away from everyone/everything and just stop and enjoy what's going on. Take note at seeing everyone you care about that show up for you!


Whats on thing you will remember forever about your wedding day?

-Alicia: Honestly, people keep asking me what my favorite part of the day was and it was taking pictures! Not only did I have an awesome time goofing off with my bridesmaids but we also got to take pictures all around the zoo and forest park! The animals were beautiful and one of the sealions kept following my bouquet in the tunnel, it was adorable! (and the photographers were amazing as well!)

-Marc: The atmosphere..everyone was so enthusiastic and seemed happy to be there, and genuinely happy for us. We were like rockstars!



Who help made their day happen!


Florist: Cassandra Flandreau

Hair stylist/makeup: Winter Wagner at JS Hair Designs

Dress: Ultimate Bridal

Band: Johnny Henry and Dave Watkins and Band

Suit: Savvi Formalwear

Photo Booth: My Best Side

Cake: Sugaree Bakery

Bridesmaid Dress: Bill Levkoff at Ultimate Bridal

Invitations: Zazzle


Thank you so much you two and I hope you live Happily Ever After!








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