A Rodriguez Wedding

May 12, 2017

When you know you just know. Austin and Andre have been together for a while and I have had the extreme privilege of watching their love grow, through ups and downs. It is a complete honor to be able to watch love from the very beginning and then experience it expanding and growing into a beautiful relationship. When my husband and I had found out that Austin and Andre were engaged, we were ecstatic! Then we found out that they wanted to get married RIGHT AWAY and instantly I was obsessed and overly excited to be able to witness not only their relationship form, but a marriage blossom in front of us! So...in a week a wedding was planned and a couple tied the knot.


Don't get me wrong I love weddings I love seeing the details that have been worked on for a year and this one day that has been anticipated, come together in front of the brides eye. But to be completely honest I am OBSESSED with elopements. It was so much fun to help Austin and Andre with their wedding to make this day so special and to see if focused on their love forming under God! And you can bet your bottom dollar I cried a TON!! Enjoy this sweet wedding and if anyone reading this is wanting an elopement, HOLLA at your girl, because I want to do MORE!


























Thank you so much you two! I am in love with both of you and CANT wait to see what the next couple of years hold for you!




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