May 19, 2017



Hello and Welcome!


I have some pretty stinking exciting news to share, but before I do that let me introduce myself and why I am sharing this news! My name is Jenee and I am a wife, mom of two, dance party enthusiast, flannel wearing, 28 year old! I am very lucky to have found a job that brings me SO much joy! But before I became a photographer, I had another job that brought joy to my life and this will set us up for the brand new news!


Being a photographer was no where, I mean NO where on my radar growing up, I had one dream and one dream only and that was to be a school counselor. I liked to think of myself as empathic and able to relate to kids, so I took off for that career. I got my undergrad and graduate degrees in counseling and set off into the workforce, ready to change lives! I started working as a middle school counselor and then an elementary school counselor and absolutely loved every second of it. I love the relationships with kids, my co-workers, the school environment, and the chance to speak into young lives. Everything was beautiful!


Well while being a counselor, a crazy opportunity came to me! My best friend, and the photographer that shot my wedding (Autumn Locke Photography, what what) asked if I wanted to hang out with her on Saturdays and shoot weddings with her! I thought it was a joke and then my husband surprised me with a camera, and not having ANY experience whats so ever I was off to second shoot my very first wedding. I didn't know what to expect or what to do and after that first long and grueling first wedding, I fell ABSOLUTELY in love with all things photography and weddings! I couldn't get enough of it, I needed more weddings and more photography. So I shadowed her and studied under for two years, then started my own business!


From the point of that first wedding till now I have not stopped loving what I am doing. For the past 4 years I have been part time photographer and part time school counselor and have hustled and worked my tail off to love on my clients and the students that I work with!




As of today I am officially a FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER! Today is my last day as a school counselor! Although I absolutely love being with students and speaking into their lives, I am ready to give my clients my all and to use the very important skills that I have gained from being a counselor and place them into my photography business! 


Ever since that first wedding I have loved EVERY second of being a photographer. When gearing up for a session, wedding or meeting, it doesn't feel like work, it feels like I am at home and just honestly having fun with my best friends and I can't wait to continue to do this work!


SO thank you, thank you for supporting my small business enough for me to be able to do this full time, for trusting me to capture your best days of your lives, for welcoming me into your families, for dealing with my crazy dance moves, for laughing at my corny jokes, and basically for just loving each other and creating priceless moments for me to capture!


I am ready for this NEW adventure and I am so excited that I get to adventure with you, my stinking wonderful clients!!!!!



Love Jenee




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