A Herman Wedding

June 1, 2017

Dang, I have been sitting in front of my computer screen and my fingers just resting on my keyboard. I have been trying to find the words for this wedding and I honestly can't. So here is to trying to retell one of the most romantic weddings that I have EVER attended.


I met Tim and Lauren a year ago and when doing their initial meeting and their engagement pictures I knew that there was something incredibly special with them. I laughed with them and honestly was so excited to hang out with them again. Lauren quickly became not only an amazing client, but also a friend.


Fast forward to their wedding and I can't even tell you how precious their love is. These mold together like stinking peanut butter and jelly. Lauren is a striking beauty that is down to earth, but also one of the sweetest and kindest souls I have met. And Tim he is a goof ball. Tim will make anyone laugh in ANY situation and he just simply adores Lauren. When I showed to their wedding they had both already surprised each other multiple times throughout the day. Everywhere I turned Tim was making the day special for Lauren, whether it be reenacting their first date, picking up a simple flower for her while taking pictures or buying her a pair of socks during the day. They have a beautiful love and even dance the same! Now I am going to stop trying to tell you about how incredible their wedding day was and just you, because honestly that is what I do best! 
















































Let them tell you how awesome their day was!!!


What was the funniest part of the day?

   Lauren: All of it was fun. I loved being surrounded by our family and friends.

   Tim: Being with all our friends and family. Seeing people we don't get to see all the time and everyone together.


What was one thing you will not forget about your wedding day?

   Lauren: I have so many wonderful memories of the day, but one of my favorites is the look on Tim's face when those doors opened at the church and he saw my for the first time.

   Tim: THE WHOLE DAY. I can't think of just one thing I want to remember from my wedding day. The whole day was absolutely amazing        and I could never forget it. Oh and how hot my wife looked.....DAMN......


Any advice for future couples?

   Lauren: It's your day! Enjoy every moment because the time really does fly by!

   Tim: Just relax and have fun. Something is not going to happen the way it was planned, but who cares. The day is yours and nothing or no one is going to take that away!



Their Wedding Vendors!

Florist: Pedals and Bells

Hair: Inspire Salon

DJ: Complete Events

Suit: Suits 4 Men

Photo Booth: Complete Events

Cake: HSC Ballrooms

Bridesmaid dress: David's Bridal

Dress Designer: Allure

Invites: Costco



Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Herman and please lets hang out soon!!!







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