Mr. and Mrs. Stone

August 24, 2017

Every wedding touches me so much, but from time to time a certain wedding will literally pull my heart strings out of my chest and leaves me never wanting the day to end. Well the Stone Wedding was exactly that wedding. I can't even describe the emotions that were felt on that day! Andrew and Kaylie were surrounded by a large group of their best friends celebrating their love and it was an incredible thing to witness. At the end of the post you will hear what Andrew and Kaylie's favorite part of the day was, but I am going to tell you my favorite part of their wedding day. One of my favorite parts of every wedding day is right after the couple gets married. I get the privilege of following the couple out to get that first hug and capture the realization that "holy crap we are married now" feeling. Well after Kaylie and Andrew got married as each one of their bridesmaids and groomsmen came out, everyone was SO overwhelmed with happiness for Andrew and Kaylie every one was crying, hugging and just straight up full of joy! I started crying and will always have that memory of beautiful love in my mind. As their pastor perfectly said, Andrew and Kaylie are a power couple for God's kingdom and I agree completely! NOW enjoy reliving their beautiful day with them!































































The day from Andrew and Kaylee's point of view!


What was the funniest part of your wedding day?

Kaylie: When Andrew had no idea what a garter toss was so I had to try and explain it to him in the 30 seconds leading up to it. Thank goodness he figured it out!

Andrew: When every single one of my groomsmen were helping me put my suit on, all 10 of them.


What was the one thing you will remember forever?

Kaylie: Seeing the look on Andrew's face when those doors opened and the humbling feeling of getting to the end of the aisle and having 10 of my best friends standing (crying) by my side.

Andrew: I will remember seeing all my family members faces after we were married and how happy everyone was for Kaylie and I. It made the moments Kaylie and i shared that much sweeter and special.


Any advice for future couples:

Kaylie: At the ceremony, don't fight the nerves! They add an awesome level of excitement. At the reception, take a step back from the crowd and appreciate all the people who are there to celebrate you. You are sure to feel unbelievably loved!

Andrew: Keep moving your legs around while you are standing there, and keep a calm and clear mind to focus on the moment and not being nervous.



Their vendors:

Florist: Walter Knoll Florist

Reception: Third Degree Glass Factory

Hair Stylist: Kori Younger

DJ: Quain Tull of Rockstar DJ's

Videographer: A moment In Time Video Productions

Suits: Mens Warehouse

Cake: Cake Pops by Honest to Goodness Bakery

Bridesmaid dresses: Davids Bridal

Brides Dress: Mia Grace Bridal

Food: Salt and Smoke





Seriously you two I can not thank you enough for letting be able to witness your love story, I will FOREVER be blessed by you two!








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