Mr. and Mrs. Nelson

October 23, 2017


I have always dreamed of my work taking me somewhere else besides Missouri. When I was a counselor there was really no way that was going to happen, besides us uprooting our life and moving to a different state permanently. When I became a photographer I really had no thought that it was going to happen either until I met Evyn and Kyle. When i first met them I thought "Holy crap they are one stinking beautiful couple" and then I got to know their hearts a little bit more. Their hearts are even more gorgeous than their looks! They asked me to capture their wedding in Vail Colorado and I literally jumped for joy and kept jumping for a while (go ahead and fact check with my husband). 


They got engaged in Vail and told me it was the most absolute beautiful place and now having gone I completely agree. So buckle up and get ready for the BIGGEST blog post ever, because I couldn't even choose which pictures to post! And please someone take me back or I might have to just move there!

























































































Their Wedding Day from their eyes:


What was the funniest part of your wedding day?

Evyn: One of my bridesmaids, Karlie, helped keep the mood really light and fun the entire trip! She was always cracking jokes and making sure everyone was having a good time.

Kyle: Taking pictures with our entire group. Everyone was having a really good time and kept the laughs going.


What was one thing you will remember forever?

Evyn: The look on Kyle's face. I was focused on not tripping when I was walking to the island until I heard my dad crying when he said "I can't stop looking at kyle" and that's when I lost it. We were both so overwhelmed with love and emotion we couldn't keep the ugly cries away. It made me want to kiss him even more!

Kyle: It started snowing as soon as Evyn walked down the isle. The weather was all over the place and made for a really cool day.


Any advice for future couples?

Evyn: WRITE YOUR OWN VOWS!!!!! Our ceremony was already small and intimate but sharing own words of why we were making this commitment made everything so much more special and made us focus on what that day was about.

Kyle: Have fun, that day goes by fast so take time and surround yourself with people who will enjoy it.




Florist: Fifty Flowers; Hot House Flowers of Vail

Reception: The Fitz Restaurant at Manor Vail Lodge

Salon: my mom

DJ: DJ connections

Groomsmen dress: "Photographer" suits from Express

Cake: Cake Maker, Sarah Bevard

Bridesmaid Dresses: White Traditions Bridal House

Bridal Dress: Lillian West, White Traditions Bridal House

Special Vendors: We were surrounded by so many close friends and family that helped that day go so smoothly! and of course, you and Nathan!



Thank you so much for letting me witness and capture your absolutely beautiful day!






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